Four obstacles to weight loss

Why is it that losing weight and keeping it off is so difficult?

Step 1 -What are your challenges?

Here are a few examples:

Excess carbohydrates in your diet- Cereals for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and pasta for tea? Together with sugary snacks during the day? Understand the value of protein in your diet

Really like sugary snacks and fizzy drinks. Always feel hungry at 11am and 4pm Impact on variation in blood sugar levels

 Eat very little and don't lose weight? Skip breakfast and sometimes lunch too? Impact on slowing your metabolism?

Snacking on fruit throughout the day and eating a large  meal in the evening?

Stubborn inches to shift? Need to lose weight in lower stomach?

Eating a large quantity of processed foods and fast food?

Always on the go and buying fast food for convenience ie a meal deal for lunch  ie sandwich, crisps and fizzy drink

Low energy? Sofa becomes a sanctuary in the evening? Dont have the energy to exercise? foods for convenience, consume sweet foods and snacks for a pick-me-up and use medications to take away aches, pains, sleeplessness and general malaise?

Step 2 - Identify your key obstacles

The four common obstacles dieters face when they try to lose weight are:

1. Loss of good nutrition as a result of dieting
2. Loss of energy
3. Low metabolism resulting in slower weight loss
4. Cravings for snacks
5.Sensitivity to carbohydrates or excess "quick release" carbohydrates in diet

Help with identifying key obstacles?

Step 3 What body shape are you?

Click here for illustrations of types of body shape

Step 4 Review what youve tried before

Been on a "restricted diet", reduced your nutrition intake and not been able to sustain
Have you spent months/years counting calories?
Flawed points systems where carbohydrates seen as points enhancer!
Unhealthy low carbohydrate/high protein high cholesterol diets!
Low fat foods where fats replaced with sugars!
Going to the gym on restricted diet with low energy and flaking!

Step 5

Click here here for how to feed the body rather than starve it








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