Four obstacles to weight loss

Four losing weight

Step 5 Feed the body rather than starve it..

Imagine discovering a new and effective solution to weight management, tailored to suit your individual needs, designed to work in harmony with your unique body composition, to help you manage your weight and bring out your best possible SHAPE!

Personalisation of  protein intake (but a healthy form of protein without the fat and calories from animal proteins)?
Increase nutrition intake, rather than reduce it?
Increase absorption and effectiveness of food intake?
Control desire to snack?
Balance your blood sugar level?
Consume carbohydrates which release energy gradually?
Look at your fluid intake and natural water balance? (water and fizzy drinks).
 Understand the process of thermogenesis? Increase vitality  levels?
Change your eating habits gradually?
Lose weight, maintain it and keep it off!
Easy, convenient and enjoyable to take to fit in with peoples busy lifestyle…Fast Food for smart people!

Step 6  Advice or order online

One to one Shape Works advice

If you want to find out the easiest way of losing 8-14lbs a month then let us develop a personalised plan for you and support you on the programme. That's why we get results. Whether its those stubborn inches to lose around the hips, thighs and waist or you have more than 14 lbs to lose.

Ideally we would need to find out little more about you so we can put a tailored programme (weight loss and maintenance) together for you. Sluggish metabolism? Skip meals? Snack on sweet things? Eat fatty foods? Low energy? Stubborn inches around the middle? Stress? Diabetic? Under active thyroid? Apple shape? Cravings for carbohydrate rich foods?

The way we work
1.Identify major challenges
2.Recommend a programme
3.Provide ongoing advice by phone and email as required

Personalised programme 2mins to complete.


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